Before we’ll dive into the formal and professional content, we would love to present our firm, Mulla Productions.

Our main goal in this landing page we created for you, is to show you our company’s professional character and more than that, our personal character, and by that, maybe, we’ll make you believe, as we do, that we are the right people for the project.

We’ll try to tell a bit about ourselves, how it all began, what’s drives us, some projects we are proud of and the reason we stand out in our local industry – Solid team that has a lot of mileage together 🙂

So how it all began...

Mulla production established in 1988 by Ronit Mulla and specialized in commercials and corporate movies in Israel and around the world.

Ronit Mulla is one of the pioneer woman producers in Israel, with 45 years of experience, producing feature films, documentaries, TV series and mainly commercials for the past 25 years.

Ronit’s passion is to combine the vision of the cinematic people and the advertising world.

So, why to choose us…

Along the way, we were lucky to produce many commercials for the leading companies in Israel. During our work, we collaborated with leading cinema professionals in Israel and around the world. We gave production services to companies from aboard, and got production services in South African Spain, Germany, Hungary, Romenia, Ukaraine, the US, India etc. over the years, we specialized matching the right professionals for each project, gaining more and more experience in researching in various fields as every project requires, from Art department to wardrobe, locations, cast, SFX, VFX and Post Production. 

We are proud to say, that this experience, made us one of the leading production companies in Israel.

A bit about ourselves

Mulla Production has a very solid team who works together for many years. We believe that having a very solid team helps keep the company values such as loyalty & high standards, and creates very good level of communication inside and out with our customers.   

Ronit Mulla, Owner

with over 45 years of experience, Ronit is one of the leading producers in Israel.

Yosi Benhamu, Executive producer, PARTNER

Yosi joined the company in 2002 as a production manager and has 20 years of experience procuring TV series and commercials.

Ori Sedlinsky, head of production

Ori Joined the Team in 2009 and has 20 years of experience producing TV shows, News, sport broadcasting and commercials. 

Sharon Peres, producer

Sharon was the first
employee of Mulla Productions 22 years ago. With over 26 years of experience as
a producer, she is the spirit of the company and in charge of casting,
contracts and our well-being.

Moran Barel Cohen, line producer

Moran joined Mulla Productions in 2004 after serving as an officer in the Israeli Air force’s video department. Moran started as our post production producer and over the years switched to pre- production.

Leah hiller, office manager

Leah joined the company in 2002 and in charge of accounts. We are nothing without her J

Meital Tzoref, projects manager

with over 15 years of experience in advertising agencies, Meital joined our team and she is our business developing manager. 

Ziv Ben David, production manager

After few years as a freelancer, Ziv joined the team and works on a regular bases with us

Hagar Yad shalom, post production producer

Hagar joined last year, as a help to Inbal and we take pride of the producer she became.

Inbal Brier, head of Post production

Inbal joined 6 years ago, after a carrier as a stills photographer and a studio owner.

ענבל ברייר– מפיקת פוסט

ענבל הקימה בשנת 2008 סטודיו להפקות סטילס בתחום הפרסום. בשנת 2013 פרשה מתחום הסטילס, הצטרפה למולה ועשתה הסבה לתחום הפוסט וה-VFX . כיום ענבל ממלאת תפקיד של מנהלת מחלקת הפוסט

הגר יד שלום – מפיקת פוסט

עם התרחבות תחום הפוסט וה-VFX במהלך השנים האחרונות, הצטרפה הגר למחלקת הפוסט כעזרה נוספת לענבל

זיו בן דוד – מתאם הפקה

זיו עבד כעוזר הפקה בהפקות דרמה וטלוויזיה החל משנת 2012, ולאחר כמה הפקות במולה הצטרף באופן קבוע לצוות כמתאם הפקה

ליאה הילר

ליאה עובדת במולה הפקות משנת 2002 בתפקיד של מנהלת משרד והנה”ח.

מיטל צורף - מנהלת פרויקטים

מיטל הצטרפה למולה הפקות אחרי 15 שנה בתפקידי הפקה שונים במשרדי פרסום וכיום משמשת כמנהלת פרויקטים ולקוחות מתחום הפרסום